Claw & Grappling Hook

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If you\’re into outdoor adventures, the Claw and Grappling Hook is one gear you shouldn\’t be without. It is a multi-functional grappling hook with jaws that automatically opens due to gravity and closes when reversed. Tie a rope or a string capable of large weight to the ring buckle at the bottom so you can use it for catching or pulling a broken car. This can also be used for opening bottles or cans and can also be used as an emergency weapon. It is portable and easy to store, can definitely be brought to any outdoor adventures. Best of all, it\’s durable, made from stainless steel, just the perfect tool for outdoor enthusiasts!

What is cool about it:

  • It can be used just like a 2 pronged hook without the bat gear tie
  • It can be upgraded to a 4 pronged grappling hook all you have to do is install the cross hook
  • Travel-friendly, easy to pack and store (claws can expand and collapse)
  • Package includes: 1x Hook, 1x Bat Gear Tie, 2x Rubber O-Ring
  • Material: stainless steel
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